At least once a week, I talk to an agent that is struggling in their business and when I ask them what they think the problem is…

They always say the same thing… I just need more leads! How can I get more leads? Where can I get more leads… leads… leads… leads!

And here is my response: If I walked into your office right now and dropped 100, 200, 1000 leads on your desk what would happen?

Well let me give you an example of what REALLY happens!

I talked with an agent a couple weeks ago who was spending $10,000 a month on Zillow leads… yes that is not an exaggeration… TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS every month.

When I asked him how many transactions he was closing, I thought he would start to cry and said only a handful as they were so overwhelmed.

Please HEAR ME loud and clear… Leads are NOT your problem.

The real problem is what are you doing with a lead once you get one?

Are you following up with them?

Are you meeting with them up front?

Are you explaining the process to them?

Are you creating an amazing experience for them that is predictable and consistent so they will come back to you and refer their family and friends?

Are you staying in touch with them AFTER the sale or did you break up with them (like 99% of the AVERAGE agents do)

If you answered YES to all of these questions then you are part of the 1% and you can move along… you don’t need me.

If you answered NO to even ONE of these questions, then you are literally making mistakes that are costing you thousands if not MILLIONS of dollars…

And you need to get your hinny INSIDE PRONTO!

Or be average….


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