I was having a conversation with my son yesterday who is struggling with not being where he thought he would be in life at 31 years old. He was feeling a little frustrated with himself as he looks around at many of his friends and what they are doing.

Let me tell you a story….

Back in 1993 my husband Joe and I were looking for a house. All I really knew that I wanted was a home bigger than the one we were in (900sf) and I wanted it on acreage in the country. I suppose I should have been more specific about the condition as we ended up buying a bank owned home that was in pretty bad condition.

It was bright yellow (like neon yellow) with indoor/outdoor carpet, funky old cabinets.

No landscaping. Like ZERO. It was all dirt and rocks and few old oak trees.

But it was within our budget.

We plugged away, project after project. We did without many times until we could afford.

Fast forward to 23 years later and everyone tells us how beautiful our home is in that it really has become like a mini oasis and we recently had our 25th wedding anniversary here to which we got a few requests for friends to have their weddings here also.

But frequently what I see is all the work we still have left to do.

So what does this have to do with my son and his frustrations?

Everything really.

Because most of us have a tendency to compare ourselves to others.

What they don’t see is where someone STARTED and what they did to get there. They don’t see the blood, sweat and tears it took to accomplish their dreams and goals.

So I told him to get over himself, stop complaining and get back to work.

His response, Can you give me at least a little while to whine?

You can guess my response!


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