Here’s one of several responses I received to yesterday’s email about the value of your database.

“You rock!  Thank you for the reminder that our sphere and past clients are our BEST and most inexpensive source of business!!!” Kat

Now let’s talk about a few excuses on why people don’t stay in contact with their database.

Excuse Number One:             I don’t know which one to use

Excuse Number Two:             I don’t know what to send them

Excuse Number Three:           I don’t know what to say to them

Excuse Number Four:            I’m embarrassed as I haven’t talked to them in ages

Excuse Number Six:               I need to organize it before I do anything

I think I will stop there….

The truth is these are all just procrastination techniques to NOT do what you know you SHOULD be doing.

I heard a great quote from Gino Barbaro and Jake Stenziano on a podcast recently when he said… his SHOULD became a MUST.

Meaning at one point in his career excuses no longer mattered when the market crashed and he had a family to feed, what mattered most was RESULTS!

So what will it take to make your SHOULD a MUST? Or maybe like most… you will procrastinate until it is a MUST.

Results are possible… You can see what I have done to get results over 3500 times at


P.S. For those that procrastinated…. the price to MasterClass went up last week from $47 to $97 but if you stop procrastinating and respond to this email within the next 24 hours I will send you a discount code to roll back the price to $47