Wal-Mart has a strategy…

And that strategy is to be the LOW COST LEADER…PERIOD.

So what does this have to do with real estate?

Well it seems every other day there is someone talking about the UBER of real estate or how the next tech company will be taking over and cutting costs and eliminating real estate agents.

But this is where I gotta speak up and call BS.

When I first got into real estate (back when we hammered out contracts on stone lol) the MLS was just converting to computers. Not just computers but DOS based for you old folks like me that can remember.

And everyone said it would be the end of real estate.

Then consumers got access to view homes online….

Again… that would be the end of real estate agents.

Oh and wait what about Zillow? That would FOR SURE be the demise of real estate agents…

And yet here we are STILL STANDING!

The truth is real estate is an emotionally based transaction.. no matter how you slice it and there are a million moving parts and pieces to the transaction that have to be managed and that doesn’t even count the emotional stability of our clients.

As agents we are not only sales people, we are psychologists and counselors at many crossroads of a transaction.

And while people can still shop online at Amazon for cheaper and sometimes faster we still LOVE to get in our cars, drive to our local store and look around and connect with people.

Real Estate is and has ALWAYS been about PEOPLE… not about the house and when you build your good old fashioned RELATIONSHIP business I don’t think you have much to worry about.

Most people will buy from someone they KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST long before they will look for the cheapest game in town.

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