As women, how do we become better leaders? For Desiree, it goes back to her childhood having parents that gave her the greatest gift, in my opinion, which is self-confidence. Not only did she learn how to pick herself back up when she fell, but also how to face each obstacle head on and better herself because of each challenge she encountered. After all, life defines who you are based on how you react to those bumps in the road.

She is the founder and CEO of the National Association of Women in Real Estate Business focusing on diversity inclusion in every facet of business in real estate. They don’t work in your business, but help you work ON your business.

We had SUCH a great time sharing our views on women’s leadership and the importance of having enough self-confidence to jump out of your comfort zone in order for your business to soar. It’s all about growing,self-confidence, vision, a support system,  and then ultimately having the ability to keep it all going.

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