Early on in my real estate career, I had the distinct pleasure of spending quite a bit of time with Dean Jackson who I think is one of the most brilliant marketing minds on the planet.

We have some fun with this conversation talking about the good old days with awesome peeps like Terry Hunefield, Erick Blackwelder and Joe Stump when we used to do Internet Marketing Weekends and created many of the TIMELESS marketing pieces I still use to this day.

Listen in as we discuss many great thoughts and ideas about how to build your business the RIGHT way.

Be sure to stay until the very end when we talk about the LISTING MAXIMIZER MATRIX and how you are likely missing out on FIVE times the revenue you are currently receiving on each listing by not paying attention to all the opportunities available to you. In fact, head over to www.RealEstateRealWorld.com/deanjackson and get a copy of the Listing Maximizer Matrix for yourself!


Show Features

Here are some of the key takeaways you get from this episode.

  • What are Friction Points and why you need to avoid them!
  • The Importance of a Headline
  • Biggest Mistake agents make is thinking those who are not ready to buy NOW are bad!
  • Why real estate agents aren’t going away…You can’t digitize the last 100 feet of a real estate transaction!

Items Mentioned in this Episode