Special thanks for my good friend and Sales Trainer Extraordinaire Eric Lofholm for introducing me to today’s guest, Cheri Alguire!

Cheri and I had a great conversation on Today’s podcast about how much the real estate industry has changed in 20+ years but how it really hasn’t.

Are you getting overwhelmed with all the technology options? I know for me I struggle with YouTube and Video. I always feel like such a dork and very self-conscious but Cheri gives us some great tips on how to get over that.

How do you set yourself apart in the day and age when everyone is bombarded with options? How do you figure out where and how to spend your valuable time and money to make the most of career in real estate?

Listen in as Cheri and I discuss what you can do today to get control over your business and your life.

After you decompress from all the wonderful insight in this podcast, make sure to check out the one I did with Eric a few months ago. It was EYE OPENING for me and think you’ll feel the same way! Eric Lofholm Podcast