1Now that I am the Big 50, I have taken some time to look back over my “First 50” and the one thing I see that stands out is that Change is a good thing! It always seems like a struggle when you are in the middle of it, and many times you cannot figure out why anything needs to change, but in the end it seems that the Big Guy/Gal upstairs has a bigger plan that I am not privy too and it always turns out exactly like it is supposed to. I’m at the stage in my life when many things are changing. Our baby Jon graduates from high school this year and will be headed off to college in the fall. Jake is finishing his first year at 2college. I have been pretty emotional about this as I’m not sure I am ready to be an empty nester. But then this last summer Joe and I took the boys to Mexico and by the end of the trip I told Joe… I think I’m just about ready for them to fly the coop! Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love having them around, all the noise, chaos and fun times. But I won’t miss huge grocery bills, endless laundry and vacations are a lot cheaper when there is only two of you! We have FOUR Grandchildren now, Chloe and Marlee, Charlotte and Jordon and they are so 3much fun to spoil. But as my mom said, you get to send them back to their parents… lol! So I am looking forward to these changes! Traveling a bit more, working in my garden, Summer Dinner Parties (in our new oversized trellis) Pictures to follow or make sure to follow me on Facebook! And spending more time with great clients, family and friends! Embrace Change…. Everything turns out exactly as it is supposed to despite our best efforts to screw it up! Warmly, Marguerite