I am not sure why it is that the older we get the more we like things to stay the same? But what I have figured out is that 99% of the time, change is always a good thing!

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you may have seen my recent posts about the big changes in our life.

A couple years ago, Joe was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and while we have not talked about it much it has been something we have been trying to figure out and luckily it is a very slow progressing disease. But one thing that dramatically exacerbates the disease is stress.

Well running one of the larger brokerages in the area with close to 90 agents can be pretty stressful. While we have the best agents in the area, there are a ton of details and liability that goes along with running a company and around the holidays we sat down and made the difficult decision that it was time to simplify our lives a bit and focus on keeping Joe healthy!

So we have decided to close our brokerage and go back to running a small office for my personal team so Joe can focus on staying healthy and I can focus on spoiling my personal clients like you that have been so wonderful all these years. Yes I am staying in real estate! I can’t imagine every leaving! Helping people buy and sell real estate is what I truly love doing and I am blessed to get to do it every day!

In addition, I am following a big dream I have had for a while which is to be a Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Coach! I am crazy excited about this opportunity for me and I really look forward to helping as many people as I possibly can be their own best version of success. You can follow my progress at www.MargueriteCrespillo.com

It has been rather melancholy closing this chapter of our lives, but I am very excited about the future and look forward to having more time to spend with people just like you.

I am extremely grateful and humble to have so many people in our lives that love and support us!

With love and honor,

Marguerite and Joe Crespillo