Every day I get barraged with emails, Facebook posts and much more about the newest whizzbang magic pill that is going to change my business and my life.

Telling me how, If I just buy this program or that gadget, script, sign, webinar or flavor of the day.

I know what you are saying… but Marguerite you send us emails every day too.

And you’re right!

Because here are TWO UGLY truths…

  1. Sales people are the easiest people to sell something to.
  2. You won’t do the work anyway

Here’s how I know this…..

I’m a sales person too (or consultant or advisor or whatever the heck we are calling ourselves now).

And here is what I know…

For over 20 years I have given away my Client Discussion Checklist and Buyer’s presentation.

The same one I have used with LITERALLY thousands of clients and had over 3500 successful transactions with… I have GIVEN IT AWAY! I am not lying when I say it is worth MILLIONS of dollars in commissions I have generated over the years…. MILLIONS!

And you know what percentage of people ACTUALLY use it?

I would say LESS THAN 1%.

Now isn’t that just craziness? So I stopped giving it away and charged for it. Mainly because it’s WORTH IT!

But as sales people we are always looking for the quick buck… the fast money… the magic pill… the secret sauce!

Wanna know the SECRET?

There is NO SECRET.

You have to do the work! You take one great thing from www.MasterClassRealEstateAcademy.com and you IMPLEMENT IT and you do it over and over and over again until you MASTER it and then you do it over again.

And then all of a sudden you realize you have closed over 3500 transactions.

That’s the Secret….

And truthfully you don’t even have to buy my program, you can pick from anyone… anything…. But my stuff is really good and it worksJ

So go pick one today at www.MasterClassRealEstateAcademy.com and get hustling.

But you probably won’t do that either…said with love and hugs!


P.S. I’m working on discovering that magic pill but in the meantime be warned the price is going up tomorrow. So if you want to procrastinate… you will pay more for the good stuffJ