Dear Friends,

When Joe and I bought our first house back in 1990 I was so excited to get out of apartment living and own a home of our very own.

But what I was most excited about was being able to have a garage where I could park my car…

Well little did I know, silly ole me… Garages are NOT for parking cars they are for collecting and storing all the junk you either can’t fit in your house or don’t want to look at all the time.

So I remember years ago I spent the entire day cleaning out the garage and was so excited to finally park my Ford Bronco in there. I washed and waxed it and made it all pretty, hopped in started it up and drove towards the garage…. Only to find out that my bronco was too tall to actually FIT in the garage…UGH!

Joe was thrilled when he came home and his little sports car fit perfectly. Except I was so mad my car didn’t fit and since he didn’t help me clean the garage he didn’t get to park his car in there either lol.

When we moved into our bigger house in 1994 I thought for sure the garage would be tall enough and big to park my car in there except in moving we once again filled the garage with tons of junk.

Fast forward 23 years later and we just cleaned out the garage AGAIN for the umpteenth time. We put pretty new shiny metal shelves (thank you Mark and Teri) and organized everything and it looks great… except for one big problem….

I drive a Yukon Denali XL and …. You guessed it… It is too long to fit in the garage!

So I have three choices:

  1. Buy a smaller car
  2. Build a bigger garage
  3. Park in the driveway

What do you think I should do? Do you park in your garage?

I would love to hear from you.

Oh and if you need a new house to park your garage in… I can help with that:)